Sindy 50th Anniversary Makeover Winners

To celebrate Sindy’s 50th Anniversary we ran a competition on our Facebook page to ‘Makeover Sindy’.

We were overwhelmed with entries and manage too whittle it down to 21 finalists and finally three winners. It was wonderful to see everyones makeovers and how our collectors would like to see Sindy look today.

In First Place

Our winner was: ‘Best in Bow’ by Tammy Lucero

Even in the USA we are also very excited about Doctor Who celebrating 50 years this year too! So, as a little nod to the great doctor I gave my Sindy a bow tie. Besides, bow ties are cool!

Sindy Anniversary Makeovers: ‘Best in Bow’ by Tammy Lucero

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In Second Place

Second prize went to: ‘Rainbow Road Sindy’ by Sarah McLung

Sindy is showing no signs of slowing down now she’s in her 50th year! Sindy first donned a pair of roller skates in 1982, then again in 1988 and she enjoyed it so much that she’s still her way through 2013 and beyond.

Sindy Anniversary Makeovers: ‘Rainbow Road Sindy’ by Sarah McLung

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In third place

Our runner-up was: ‘Dog Walking Sindy’ by Debbie Thomas

Here is my competition Sindy, she isn’t very exciting! I think she might have been better with a mini skirt and funky tights and a dog or two with leads and be called ‘Dog Walking Sindy’.

Sindy Anniversary Makeovers: ‘Dog Walking Sindy’ by Debbie Thomas

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