Sindy Styles

  • Sindy in Spring,  Sindy Styles

    Beautiful Blush Sindy

    Let’s Meet Beautiful Blush Sindy Sindy is delighted to be invited to a wedding and she has chosen a lovely outfit for the special occasion. The fabric is as soft as a butterfly’s wing and the colour is as delicate as a twilight sky – it will totally fit with the romantic setting. Covered in silk, decorated with “diamonds” and glossy all over, Sindy’s dressed to look her best in every wedding photo. All that’s left to wonder about is the beautiful clothes her friends will also be wearing for the fabulous event.

  • Sindy in Autumn,  Sindy Styles

    Tribalz Sindy

    Let’s Meet Tribalz Sindy This girl is keeping it real and is brave enough to be herself. Totally in tune with nature, Sindy’s Tribal style is all about wild beauty and beautifully made fashion. At the heart of every outfit is her free spirit and she loves to shake up her look with different folk art ideas from around the world. Sindy gives a fresh twist to her fave tribal pattern by putting it in a new silhouette with a fitted jacket, knee-high knits and unique shoes. She’s known for crafting up her accessories – check out her fringe bag and bead jewellery.

  • Sindy in Summer,  Sindy Styles

    Bloomin’ Crazy Sindy

    Let’s Meet Bloomin’ Crazy Sindy There’s a music festival in the park and Sindy can’t wait to sing along with her friends to the pop hits. As well as great bands, there are lots of new artists to discover and tons of clothes stalls to explore. Her vintage dress has the boldest of flower patterns and a floaty skirt –so perfect for a summer day out. Sindy balances the rose dress and petal-colour shoes with a rock-star jacket and sunglasses. She’ll be sure to finish her look with glitter face paint and a flower crown as soon as she gets to the festival!

  • Sindy in Summer,  Sindy Styles

    Kite Loop Sindy

    Let’s Meet Kite Loop Sindy On a windy day, there is nothing better than flying a kite. Sindy takes kite flying to an incredible new WOW level – kite surfing! With a thrilling blast of salty air, this girl rides the waves and jumps high above the water. To her friends on the shore, each lift looks like it could kiss the sky. After an action-packed afternoon, Sindy relaxes on the sun-drenched sand and gets ready for the evening beach party. Her surfer style is a funky pair of board shorts and a pretty tank top, and her hair … it’s windswept.

  • Sindy in Spring,  Sindy Styles

    Candy Pop! Sindy

    Let’s Meet Candy Pop! Sindy For her holiday job in a local candy shop, Sindy wears all the colours of the rainbow in the brightest, sweetest shades she can find. Her cute style is based on all the sweets she loves, from sweets and sprinkles to liquorice and lollypops. Sindy has fun turning fabrics with jumbo candy patterns into tasteful clothes, which never fail to delight her customers and make them smile. Her favourite go-to outfit is this delicious-looking dress with sherbet-colour shoes. Sindy’s shiny look is completed with a plastic-fantastic bag, bangle and hairclip.