Short Stories: Sindy’s Bright Idea!

Sindy Doll Short Stories

Sindy ticked off another day on her calendar. She was so excited. Now there was just one day to go before the Strawberry Farm music festival. Sindy was going with her best friends, Holly, Jasmine and Issy. It was going to be awesome, a great weekend of music, dancing and giggles with three of Sindy’s best friends ever.

Sindy had packed her tent, sleeping bag and a few cool clothes. Now she just had to fill a bag with snacks for sharing. They always got hungry at festivals. It must be all that dancing!

In the kitchen, Sindy’s mum was making a cake. She was going to throw a party for Sindy’s sister, who was too young to go to the festival. “Ooh, glow sticks!” said Sindy, looking through the little treats that her mum had bought for the party.“Oh, Mum, what a gorgeous cake,” said Sindy, as she crammed packs of crisps and chocolate bars into a backpack. The cake was decorated with blue icing and colourful butterflies.

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Short Stories: Sindy Makes a Splash

Sindy Doll Short Stories

“This is going to be a perfect day, the most fabulous day ever,” said Sindy, flopping on to a sun lounger with an ice-cold lemonade. The sun was shining brightly, and Sindy and her best friends had decided to spend time together by the pool chilling out. “I feel so relaxed,” said Sindy. She had put on her sun cream and her favourite pink sunglasses and brought a new teen romance novel to read. “I’m going to lie here all day and do nothing. Bliss!”

Just then two small children began arguing right in front of Sindy. The boy was wagging his finger. “Boys are better than girls. So there!” he said.

“No they’re not,” said the little girl, stamping her foot. “Girls are the best!”

The children carried on, becoming more and more red faced, until eventually their mums pulled them apart. “I’m so sorry!” said one of the mums to Sindy. “I hope they didn’t disturb you.”

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Short Stories: Sindy’s Perfect Shoes

Sindy Doll Short Stories

They’re perfect!” said Sindy. True Look was Sindy’s favourite shop. In the window were the loveliest shoes that Sindy had every seen. They were a gorgeous shade of blue—the colour of the ocean—with a kitten heel and butterfly shaped buckles.

“They’ll look stunning with your pink party dress,” said Sindy’s friend Holly.

“Ooh, yes, they’ll look fab!” agreed Issy.

“You always manage to find that special item to complete your look,” added Jasmine. “I wish I had your sense of style!” Sindy had just bought a fabulous new dress for her birthday party. Sindy was organising some tasty food and drinks, and brilliant music and games. Most importantly, all Sindy’s friends were invited to share her special day. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, as Sindy’s parties were always great fun.

Sindy tried on the dainty pumps, which sparkled as she spun around. “They’re so comfy,” said Sindy, “I’ll be able to dance all night.”

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Short Stories: Snow Bunny Stories

Sindy Doll Short Stories

Sindy took her biggest ever breath of the fresh mountain air and beamed. “This place is really cool!”

Holly and Jasmine agreed. The mountains around the Crystal Peaks Ski Resort sparkled with snow. Old-fashioned chalets lined the village streets under a sky that was the brightest shade of blue. Unbelievably beautiful!
It was Sindy’s first skiing holiday with her friends. She couldn’t wait to get back on her skis but was feeling a bit nervous. What if she couldn’t remember how to do it?

“Don’t worry,” said Holly. “It’ll all come back to you.”
But it was getting late and their first run would have to wait until tomorrow. The pals headed to their chalet to chill after their long journey.
“I’ll make hot chocolate,” said Holly, “while you guys unpack. And Sindy, try not to take all night…”

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Short Story: Sindy’s Waggin’ Tails

Sindy Doll Short Stories

“Murray! Come back!” Sindy chased after her puppy. Murray was the cutest dog in the universe, but he had not learnt how to stay still for more than five seconds.

Sindy was getting super fit chasing her cheeky chum through the park. The excitable pup ran into the pond after the surprised ducks. Murray splashed about happily while it seemed to Sindy she spent all of her time calling him!

After a few minutes the naughty dog pricked up his ears. Murray spotted Sindy, forgot about the water and came bounding out of the pond and straight towards her. Sindy braced herself for a soggy cuddle. But Murray was so excited that he crashed into a group of official looking men with clipboards and tape measures. “Grrrrr!” growled one of them, a stout man with a large moustache and a bald patch on the top of his head. His blue pinstriped suit was covered with muddy water and his face was beetroot red.

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