Royal Mail issues stamps celebrating classic British children’s toys

Royal Mail has announced plans to immortalise some of the most popular toy brands of the last 100 years in stamp form, with a limited edition range of stamps designs in a nostalgic nod to a golden age in British toy manufacturing.

The statement from Royal Mail read:

“The heyday of the British toy industry remains a magical era, one that shaped childhoods across the generations. And with many of the best-loved toys from the past still with us, or perhaps relaunched after temporary absences, the children of today can still have fun with some of the world’s most iconic toys.”

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Exhibition to mark 50th year of Sindy

In September 2013 exciting celebrations will began for Sindy’s 50th Anniversary.

Starting in the market town of Chippenham in Wiltshire, where avid Sindy collector Karen Colley is helping to celebrate Sindy’s Golden Anniversary with  an exhibition of her personal collection at the Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre.

Collector Karen Colley with the original Sindy in front of a poster of the first blonde-haired Sindy (The Wiltshire Gazette & Herald, 2013)

Karen Colley was seven years old in the 1970s when she fell in love with Sindy, a doll created by the British company Pedigree in 1963 as a rival to the America’s Barbie. She rekindled her passion after seeing two Sindy dolls at a car boot sale and now has more than 100. Continue reading “Exhibition to mark 50th year of Sindy”

The ‘Vivienne Westwood’ 30th Birthday Sindy Doll

In the early 1990s, Sindy celebrated her 30th birthday. For the occasion, the PR manager for Hasbro (who licences Sindy from 1986-1997) organised a party.

Sindy wore an outfit designed by British fashion deisgner Vivienne Westwood – a sateen dress with corseted bodice and padded skirt, a crown-style hat over elaborately styled hair, and pink ballet wedge heels.

Vivienne Westwood dress for Sindy’s 30th Birthday, London 1991

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