Bee Sindy

In her new summer outfit Sindy is a real honey, which also happens to be one of her favourite things to eat! But don’t be fooled, this girl can have a sting in her tail. She knows her buzzing buddies are becoming endangered and does her best to help protest against any plans to destroy the bees’ habitat. At home, Sindy does her bit to keep her stripy soulmates happy, planting bluebells and forget-me-nots in her garden to attract her buddy bees. These delicate flowers match the sky blue of Sindy’s stylish dress. She accessorises with bold sunshine gold earrings, a canary yellow handbag and heart-shaped sunglasses. On summer days, Sindy pulls her gorgeous honey coloured hair back into a perfect ponytail ready for picnic in the park with friends. Honey and banana sandwiches are always on the menu.

“I’m buzzing with excitement when the sun comes out!” says Sindy.

Ballet Spotlight

Ballet is Sindy’s passion. One day, she hopes to be a prima ballerina, but knows that’s a really tough ask. For now, rehearsals keep her on her toes. Sindy’s natural talent often sets her apart from the crowd, but she works really hard too as she knows that to have any chance of becoming a ballerina requires dedication. Just like her toes, her costume is en pointe and gives her the confidence to plié and pirouette like a pro. Swan Lake is Sindy’s favourite ballet. With her ballet mad friends, she once saw a live performance. Ever since, she has dreamed of playing Odette—the princess turned into a swan. If she keeps practising, she might just get there one day…

“J’adore le ballet!” says Sindy, with a giggle. “That’s French, by the way, for I love ballet!”