Selfie Sindy

Snap snap snap! Sindy is taking photos with June and Marie—and why not when all look as fabulous as they do? This teen and her friends are always on trend. And Sindy stands out from the crowd with her hot-pink dip-dyed hairstyle. Her daring do matches her fashionably casual wardrobe—cute miniskirts and lots of lace. Sindy loves to capture all the wonderful moments she has with her best friends wherever they are—the cafe, the park or in the mall, updating her blog daily to ensure she and her friends never miss a thing. One day, Sindy dreams of being a professional fashion photographer. With all this practice, she’s well on the way to making her wish come true. Now smile for the camera!

“LOL. Say cheese!” says Sindy as she snaps another sensational selfie.

Puppy Love

You’ll never see Sindy without her beloved Buttons bouncing along beside her. Every day, the pair train together for the annual Puppy Tricks contest. It’s not always easy—Buttons is a cheeky pup who gets easily distracted by the squirrels in the park. Luckily, this loveable pooch will do anything for a doggy treat. Buttons loves to play outdoors, so Sindy’s wardrobe when they’re out together is hip and practical. She likes to accessorise with one of mum’s colourful silk scarfs, which glams up any outfit—even jeans and wellies. Buttons likes to dress up too, proudly sporting his favourite cherry red collar whenever he’s out and about. All Sindy’s friends adore Buttons and always want to take him for walks. But you can’t part this girl and her dog for long.

“I love my puppy,” says Sindy. “He’s Pawsome!”

Italian Adventure

Here comes the most fashionable girl in Italy. Sindy’s exploring the streets of the capital on her latest glossy purple scooter and what better place to stop off than the gelato bar? Two scoops of raspberry ripple is her ice-cream of choice. Sindy is perfectly equipped for a day out in Rome with her chic scooter outfit complete with a matching blue leather skirt and jacket—elegant with a hint of edgy. Sharing pizzas with her pals is Sindy’s favourite way to spend the evening. She can even brush up on her Italian too. Perfetto!

“When in Rome, it’s always time to explore and have fun” says Sindy. “Ciao!”

Dance Party

Glammed up in her new feather boa and high heels, Sindy is the ultimate cool chick. Sindy and her pals set the party alight, cutting shapes and grooving to the beat. Getting ready is all part of the fun, although sometimes it can be tough deciding what to wear—glitzy glitter, vibrant violet or maybe both? The second she hits the dance floor, Sindy forgets everything else—and wants to beat the night away. Sindy just loves to make new friends but her favourite part is when all her best friends get together and boogie to their favourite song—Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. Let’s dance!

“There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you’re on the dance floor with your peeps,” says Sindy. “It’s groovalicious!”

Chill in the Air

Even on the coldest days, Sindy loves to get outside and breathe in the fresh, fresh air. And of course, Sindy dresses for those chilly days in style with a white woollen duffel coat and a chunky checked scarf. Frosty mornings are her favourite as everything sparkles—it’s like everything is covered in glitter. Sindy’s wild auburn curls match her feisty and fun personality. No matter how cold the weather, this girl warms the mood wherever she goes. And after a day out walking over frozen fields, Sindy and her pals like to thaw out with mugs of cosy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon. Delish!

Sindy says: “Don’t be silly, have fun when it’s chilly!”