The only rule about Harajuku style is: there are no rules! The streets around the Harajuku Station in Tokyo are the ultimate place for fashionable teens to experiment and let their imagination run free. Offbeat, alternative styles merge into one mixed-up hyper style and Sindy thinks it’s one of the most wonderful places on the planet. Where else can she layer lace, fur, dots, stripes, bows and stars in pink and purple? Her playful look changes every day, but it’s constantly awesome.

Candy Pop!

For her holiday job in a local candy shop, Sindy wears all the colours of the rainbow in the brightest, sweetest shades she can find. Her cute style is based on all the sweets she loves, from sweets and sprinkles to liquorice and lollypops. Sindy has fun turning fabrics with jumbo candy patterns into tasteful clothes, which never fail to delight her customers and make them smile. Her favourite go-to outfit is this delicious-looking dress with sherbet-colour shoes. Sindy’s shiny look is completed with a plastic-fantastic bag, bangle and hairclip.


For a relaxing weekend filled with a sea breeze and sunshine, Sindy and her friends head to the harbour and marina for their day out together. The jetty is lined with lots of shops on one side and boats bound for nearby islands on the other. Sailing away into the sparkling sea, it’s time to chill-ax and dream about pretty beach huts and super yachts! After a day exploring one of the neighbouring islands, the harbour lights beckon them back to shore. For this trip Sindy’s weekend style includes aqua sunglasses, nautical stripes and pearl accessories. Plus a pair of funky wellies, in her fave coastal colour, of course.


Sindy sees fun and interest everywhere and likes to share the best moments in her life with her friends on Instagram. She collects special memories by snapping creative photos with her smart-phone, including a selfie or two to show off her hip style and latest obsession with purple! Sindy’s arty look is created around her signature jeans, styled up with a fun T-shirt and sneakers. It’s the perfect outfit for exploring, from the city to the beach, and sharing the amazing food, fashion and art along the way. #purple hair #gorgeous geek #love life

Monochrome Sindy

Black + white = high impact! Sindy’s statement style is bright, bold and edgy. Inspired by the fashion trailblazers of the ‘60s, ‘80s and ‘90s, she has a flair for mixing up monochrome to make a modern look as individual as she is. Eye-catching patterns and retro clothes combine in an outfit that fits like a glove. Adding a pop of colour with pink hair and make-up creates a crazily cool, urban style, complete with glitter boots. What’s not to love? Sindy’s on her way to the disco to make some shapes on the dance floor with her friends.