Rainbow Road

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet—Sindy can’t choose a favourite colour. She loves them all! This colour crazy chick’s number one activity is roller skating with her mates. The ultimate thrill for Sindy is to feel the wind in her multicoloured hair. In her orange skates and rainbow dress, she brightens up everyone’s day as she whizzes past—the faster the better. Sometimes Sindy listens to music while she skates, inventing amazing dance moves to go with her top tunes. This girl hearts life and her happiness is contagious. After a few minutes with Sindy, her friends are giggling as much as their bubbly bestie—if they can keep up with her!

Sindy says: “I’m just a skater girl who wants to have fun. Can’t stop, gotta go! Wheeeee!”

Girls’ Night Out

Every Friday night, Sindy puts on her best pink lipstick, throws on a sparkly dress and feather wrap and heads to the local teen disco. This glamorous girl spends all week practising her dance moves with her mates. At the disco, they show off their latest steps while the DJ plays the hot new beats. Sindy’s loves to wear peacock blue. It’s a bold choice that reflects her inner confidence. But Sindy’s not a show off. She’s happy to let her friends take centre stage on the dance floor. Sindy almost always finds herself in the spotlight though because she’s such a natural dancer.

Sindy says: “I heart dancing at the disco, but getting glammed up is half the fun!”

Panda Blue

With her quirky sense of style, Sindy’s the girl that everyone notices. Sindy loves every animal but the panda is her favourite. Perhaps she sees herself in these quirky creatures with their unique black and white outfits! Sindy collects anything decorated with pandas. Her most treasured possessions are her panda mug and her panda T-shirt. Sindy’s monochrome clothes contrast with her bright blue hair. This teen’s daring look reflects her fearless personality. Sindy loves to spend the day at her local theme park with her best buddies. She heads straight for the roller coaster. Looping round the track high above the ground is such a thrill!

“My clothes reflect my personality—I like blue and pandas,” says Sindy. “But not blue pandas. That would be weird!”

Day to Night

Sindy doesn’t like to plan ahead, preferring each day to be a wonderful surprise. The one thing she does plan is her wardrobe, making sure her outfit works for whatever the day brings. This auburn-haired free spirit teams pretty dresses with casual jackets for a look that works for any occasion. It might be a day at the shops with friends, a trip to the theatre with her family or a dinner date. Sindy likes to accessorise, pinning a fresh flower in her hair or throwing on a vintage belt. Lace and denim are staples of Sindy’s style. She adores the contrast of delicate and practical fabrics, dressing down a pretty party dress with a casual denim jacket. When the sun goes down, she simply takes off her jacket for instant glamour.

“I live for the moment,” says Sindy. “You never know what the day will bring, but you can make sure you look stylish—wherever you are.”


Sindy is a fashion lover with her own style. A whiz with a needle and thread, Sindy loves to customise her clothes to create unique pieces. A plain white t-shirt becomes something special when Sindy adds a sparkly sequined S. Thrifty Sindy can turn the most mundane outfit into a glamorous show-stopper with her magic touch. When she’s not creating fabulous clothes, you’ll find her out having fun with her friends. They love to shop for bargains, go to the cinema, or just chill out with an ice-cold milkshake in their favourite café. Wherever she is and whatever she’s doing, Sindy is guaranteed to find the fun.

Sindy says: “Fashion should be fun and funky and shared with friends.”