Ice Dancers

Sindy loves to get her skates on. Confident and pretty, Sindy looks cool and she’s the hottest ice dancer in town. Perfectly poised and graceful, Sindy glides across the ice with style. She knows that practise makes perfect and spends hours down at her local rink, making sure that her spins, jumps and turns are just right. Sindy’s mantelpiece is filled with trophies and rosettes from all her skating comps. Photos of Sindy wearing her special sparkling competition outfits take pride of place. But for this girl, skating is not just about sequins and success. She knows that it’s a great way to keep fit too and loves the thrill of speeding around the rink, feeling free as a bird and light as a feather. Ready, set, skate Sindy!

Sindy says: “It’s taken a lot of hard work to be able to skate well, but it’s so worth it!”

Festival Sindy

When summer comes around Sindy and her best friends pull on their wellies, pack up a tent and head to their favourite music festival. Sindy and her pals are mad about music and crazy about camping. The sunshine makes everyone happier. But even the rain can’t put a dampener on Sindy and her friends’ fun. As long as the bands have a beat, they will dance for hours. Sindy always packs a few essentials, including plenty of snacks to give her energy. Nutty chocolate bars and crunchy apples are Sindy’s festival favourites. Of course, Sindy loves to look good but keeps her festival wardrobe simple. As long as she has her funky wellies, denim shorts, pretty top and flower headband, Sindy knows she’s ready to rock!

“Festivals are so cool!” says Sindy. “I like to get my face painted with a flowery design and I’m always sad to wash it off.”

Wild Style

Sindy just loves wild animals. With this outfit she clearly has a purrfect sense of style. In her fashionable tiger print top, she looks the cat’s whiskers. Tigers, leopards and zebras are this girl’s fashion favourites. She loves to wear stripes and spots, just like her wild four-legged friends. Sindy enjoys copying nature’s prettiest patterns and teaming them with her favourite colour—hot pink. She would never wear real fur but is inspired by the patterns and colours of the natural world. Tiger print shoes, a leopard print bag and a zebra print scarf can all be found in her wardrobe. She even owns a tiger print phone case. This girl is simply wild about animal prints!

“I hope I look as cute as my fave animals in this outfit!” says Sindy.

Country Life

Sindy loves being outdoors in the countryside. Whether it’s a picnic in a meadow, a stroll through the woods or watching the sun set over the lake, this girl adores country life. Whatever the weather, Sindy loves riding her horse. Together, the pair have great adventures, exploring the fields and hills near Sindy’s home. Animals are part of daily life in the countryside, and sometimes Sindy finds creatures that have been injured. She has saved a baby rabbit, hedgehog and a dormouse by taking them along to the local animal rescue centre. Sindy is a practical country girl, but she’s always stylish. Whether she’s horse riding, walking her dog or going on a picnic, Sindy always makes sure that she looks her best.

Sindy says: “The thrill of galloping over the fields on my horse is the best feeling in the world. The faster, the better!”